2009   Foals

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(Stallion)       Codys Royal Rose (Mare)           Codys Pickie Bonnie (Stallion)        Codys Sandy Dude (Mare)       Freds Painted Tiger
(Mare)       Codys Black Dandy (Mare)           Codys Dixie Chick (Stallion)        Codys Black Jack       (Mare)         Codys Pickie Zip
(Stallion)     Freds Poco Sunbeam (Stallion)           Mr Farmer Dell (Stallion)     Ashleys TwoEyedCinch (Mare)       Tontos Painted Chick
(Mare)            Raindrop Eyes (Mare)             Muddy Dream (Stallion)      Codys Widow Maker (Mare)             Captain Jay Cee
(Mare)      Marvelous Queeny Lou (Mare)        Captains Alijos Doll  Grandma with Kaylea on Watermelon Kaylea / twins, Ethen & Alex on Tootsie

2009  Grade Foals

(Stallion)        Trickster San Cody (Stallion)     Smile While You Dance (Stallion)         Captain Blue Eyes (Stallion)            Salty Two Eyes
Fred and the Weidner families latest adventure with the beautiful Paint horses!  Ashley, our youngest daughter and Kaylea, our oldest grand daughter!